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On the  Home Page in the Quick Links Column Click on ONLINE DOG LICENSE RENEWAL.

The license can be renewed provided the rabies certificate on file with the Office of the Town Clerk is still valid for 31 or more days after the renewal.

If the Rabies Certificate is not valid for another 31 days from today or a new vaccine has been administered after the last time a license was purchased you must provide the Town Clerk’s Office with the updated Rabies Certificate.
This can be done by one of the following methods:
*dropping a copy of the certificate off in the Night Deposit Box located at the small entrance of the Town Hall on the right hand side of the brick wall
*drop a copy of the new certificate in the USPS Mail and mail it to the Town Clerk’s Office
*email a readable picture of the new rabies certificate to

Once the Town Clerk’s Office receives the new rabies certificate the dog license record will be updated and then beginning 24 hours later you can renew the license by doing the following:
On the  Home Page of the Town’s website in the Quick Links Column – Click on ONLINE DOG LICENSE RENEWAL.

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