Yes, but it must be ether:

  1. Stored on a premises legally used, operated and located for a junk yard.
  2. The motor vehicle must be stored in a completely enclosed building
  3. Only one motor vehicle may be stored outside on the property under a proper car cover and is not in addition to a vehicle described in #5 below.
  4. The motor vehicle is the inventory or part of the inventory of a new or used motor vehicle dealer located in compliance with the ordinances and local laws in the Town of Evans.
  5. A motor vehicle is under repair, reconstruction or refurbishing by the owners thereof, who actually reside on the premises, in which case one such motor vehicle may be stored on the premises. The vehicle must be maintained and protected and not create any hazard or nuisance to surrounding property owners and shall not remain on the premises for more than 60 days.

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