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8787 Erie Road
Angola NY 14006
(716) 217-3500

2024 Collection Calendar & Street Listing

New- For the Week of April 8th 2024 All residential services will be pushed one day. (i.e. Monday service pushed to Tuesday, Tuesday service pushed to Wednesday…..Friday pushed to Saturday).

Below is the most up to date 2024 Collection Calendar for Garbage & Recycling collection for the Town of Evans.




*This excludes the Village of Angola and the Mobile Home Communities.

Please contact the Village of Angola and the Mobile Home Communities if you should have any questions.

Garbage is picked up Weekly & Recycling is picked up every other week.
Both are picked up on the same day of the week though.
Example: If you live on Independence Drive, garbage is picked up on Tuesdays Every Week & recycling is picked up on Week A – Every Other Week.


New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day.
The above are the only holidays recognized by the Garbage/Recycling Company and this means that your garbage/recycling will not be picked up that day and that it will be picked up a day later. If your day falls on that day or after that day then your pick up day will change also to a day later. This will only affect that week.


  • The 96 gallon tote must be used for Recycling and if the little blue bin is used your recycling will not be picked up for that two (2) week period.
  • The handle at the top of the tote must be facing away from the road and if it is not your recycling will not be picked up for that two (2) week period. The metal bar at the bottom must be facing the road.
2024 Environmental Fair Flyer – There will be Eyeglasses, Over-the-Counter & Prescription Drug, and Electronics Drop-Offs

Brush Burn Ban - March 16 - May 14

Spring Burn Ban Begins

While the snow melts and people begin their spring yard clean-up routine, it is important to note that NYS’ annual spring burn ban has begun. From March 16 through May 14, the spring burn ban temporarily prohibits residential brush burning. Restricting burning during the spring helps to prevent wildfires and keep our air clean. The combination of warm spring temperatures, low relative humidity, and lack of snow cover creates dry fuel conditions and increases the risk of fires spreading and burning out of control.

The spring burn ban does not prohibit fires for cooking or camping if fueled by charcoal or untreated wood. You should always abide by State and local laws when building a fire and never leave it unattended. After enjoying a fire, be sure to extinguish it fully. Creating a safe camp fire takes a few extra steps, but it is worth it to prevent wildfires and safeguard your neighborhood’s air. Remember that burning trash and leaves is illegal in NYS at any time of the year.

Since human activity is the cause of most wildfires, we should all help prevent them. From the start of NYS’ annual spring burn ban in 2009, wildfires have decreased by more than 40 percent because of everyday New Yorkers doing their part. By reducing the number of dangerous fires, we protect our homes, communities, and natural resources while also lowering the amount of harmful pollution released into the air.

The spring burn ban runs from March 16 through May 14 each year and temporarily prohibits residential brush and yard debris burning.

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

Polystyrene Foam Free NY

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the Town Supervisor’s office at 549-5787 to purchase another one.

Where to Place Garbage/Recycling
 Town Code            §149-5 E

It shall be the responsibility of any person, either as owner, occupant, lessee, agent and/or tenant of premises or property as defined herein, to dispose of any and all litter, garbage, refuse and/or junk on premises or in the right-of-way of a roadway, public or otherwise, upon which such premises or property fronts, or adjoins, or to which such property is subject, in a safe and sanitary manner and keeping the premises free and clear therefrom.

The 96 gallon recycling can must have the metal bar facing the road in order for it to be emptied.
If the metal bar is not facing the road it will not be emptied.

Town Code         §149-5 E (1) 

Anyone placing garbage, refuse and/or junk at the curb, right-of-way, roadway or otherwise for Town-wide trash pickup shall not do so prior to 6:00 p.m. of the night before scheduled pickup.

Paper is accepted during your bi-weekly pickup by our Garbage Company, Modern & NO LIMIT to the amount.
Just place it in the recycling tote then at the curb.

To view the current the recycling schedule, please refer to the Garbage & Recycling page:
Garbage & Recycling

Recycling will be picked up according to the schedules listed above for Week A and Week B and it will be picked up everyother week.

You can find out the week that your recycling will be picked up by locating your street on the colored bi-weekly schedule.  You can follow the weeks on the calendar.

This is just for RECYCLING as Garbage will still continue on a weekly basis.

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

If your collection day is on or follows any of these holidays during the week, then your collection will be one day later.

If the holiday falls during a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), collection will be on normal schedule.

 April 23 2022 Electronic Waste Free Drop Off 
Town of Evans Highway Barns

Town of Brant Computer & Electronic drop-off.

Click Here to View Town of Brant’s Webpage for Electronic Waste Disposal.

Contact Erie County Environment
at 858-6800

visit their webpage by clicking below
for an upcoming drop-off event
Erie County – Recycling

The following is considered Electronic Waste:

All Televisions
The following computer equipment:  Monitors, Terminals, Computers, Scanners, Ink Cartridges, Printers, Fax Machines, Network Equipment, Keybords, Mice and Computer Accessories.
The following Miscellaneous Electronics:  Circuit Boards, Cabling & Wiring, Typewriters, Telecommunications Equipment, Audio/Visual Equipment, Video Game Systems, Cell Phones, PDA’s, IPOD’s, Universal Power Supplies & Microwave Ovens.

The following is NOT ACCEPTED at the Electronic Waste Drop-off:

Any Liquids/Powders, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifers, Refrigerators, Kitchen/Personal Appliances, Batteries and Flourescent Lamps.

For Town of Evans Residents outside the Village of Angola & outside the Mobile Home Communities:


If you live in the Village of Angola call 549-1126
If you live in one of the 3 mobile home communities you need to contact their office.


Pesticides, Fertilizers, Pool & Hazardous Chemicals/Cleaners
limit 2 gallons or 20#

Oil-Based Paints & Spray Cans
limit 10 gallons

Oil, Gasoline, Kerosene & Antifreeze
limit 10 gallons

Paint Thinner, Stripper & Solvents
limit 2 gallons

lead acid & rechargeable

thermometers, thermostats & metal

Erie County hosts Household Hazardous Waste FREE Drop-Off Days at various locations throughtout the year.
You can contact them by
PHONE:  858-6800         OR 


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