Town of Evans: Land of the Sand and Sun

The Town of Evans encompasses 47 square miles in the southwest portion of Erie County, NY and sits along 12 miles of eastern Lake Erie shoreline. With a population of about 16,000 residents, the Evans community consists of a number of distinct rural, suburban and waterfront neighborhoods and hamlets, such as Derby, North Evans, Evans Center, Highland, Angola-on-the-Lake, Grandview Bay, Lake Erie Beach and the Village of Angola. 

As a waterfront community, Evans boasts some of the most beautiful parks and beaches on the Great Lakes, including those found at Lake Erie Beach Park, Evans Town Park, as well as Wendt Beach and Bennett Beach County Parks. Evans is also home to Sturgeon Point Marina, a harbor of refuge and recreational destination for boaters and fishermen from throughout region.

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Evans also has a robust and growing small business community, found among numerous mixed-use waterfront hamlets along the Lake Shore Rd corridor, the Highland Business District on Erie Road (Rt. 5) in Derby, and Main Street in the Village of Angola. Evans also supports a strong agricultural community of farms and agribusinesses offering a variety of local goods and fresh produce.

As Evans looks to the future, the Town continues to develop as a year-round place to live, work, experience and enjoy through a number of Planning Initiatives and Capital Projects to help promote the sustainability, economy and quality of life of the Evans community.

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